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LAURSTUDIO/ LAURLAB 是国内专业的城市与景观规划设计工作室,主持设计师先后在国内外接受严谨的城市设计与景观设计学教育,拥有不同尺度、不同类型的城市和景观设计经验。工作室通过批判性实践,试图建立理论研究与设计实践互动性的对话,探寻在理念上创新、在技术上可行、兼具环境责任感的景观解决方案。


LAURSTUDIO/ LAURLAB is a cutting-edge landscape architecture studio based in Beijing. We are working primarily in multi-scale and diverse urban landscape design projects, regardless of whether our clients are public authorities or private interests. Via critical practices the studio aims to build a dialogue between theories and design experience and looks for sustainable solutions inventive and pragmatic, beautiful and functional.

工作室 Studio
设计方法 Methodology








Vision + Objectives. Starting from the site and client, the studio will develop a thorough investigation framework to fully understand the development goals and project requirements. All natural landscape, grade condition, sunlight, hydraulic issues and related design functions, help determine the design principles, potentials and objectives. 

Form + Organization. The studio builds a dialogue between the techniques and new organizational models. The studio uses diverse space organization strategies and parametric dynamic modeling tools. Cutting, shifts, folds and bends create surface continuities which are part of ground. 

Technology + sustainability. The studio is developing a wide range of techniques aiming to ensure sustainable design and construction. Water management, environmental principles, energy provision, water and air pollution, the impact of transportation networks are some of the processes. 

Collaboration. The studio is contributing to a more transparent and interactive design process that connects designers, clients, architects, urban designers, lighting consultants and water feature consultants etc. 

研究 Research

数字思考(Digital Thinking Group, 简称DTG)主要研究基二高级计算几何和BIM的复杂曲面建模、分析、优化和建造技术。

可持续技术(Sustainable Solution Group, 简称SSG)主要研究区域生态规划和可持续的环境设计技术。

植物景观(Landscape Plantation Group, 简称LPG )主要研究种植景观规划设计,园艺新品种研发。

DTG focuses on landscape complex surface modeling, analysis, optimizing and construction based on advanced geometry and BIM techniques.

SSG focuses on regional ecological planning and sustainable environment design techniques.

LPG focuses on landscape vegetation planning and design, and new vegetation species research.

研究 Research
团队 Team

团队 Team

刘东云 Dongyun Liu

创始人 Founder&Principle

严庭雯 Tingwen Yan

景观设计师 Landscape Designer

夏阳 Summer Xia

景观设计师 Landscape Designer

崔柳 Liu Cui

合伙人 Partner

屈林雨 Linyu Qu

景观设计师 Landscape Designer

杨春晖 Chunhui Yang

景观设计师 Landscape Designer

汪冠宇 Guanyu Wang

施工图负责人 Technical Manager

潘如新 Ruxin Pan

景观设计师 Landscape Designer

姜政皓 Zhenghao Jiang

景观设计师 Landscape Designer

合作 Collaboration


LAURSTUDIO is working globally with architects, urban designers, landscape architects, lighting consultants and water feature consultants.

合作 Collaboration
联络 Contact

​联络 Contact

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地址:北京市海淀区清华东路35号北京林业大学学研大厦, 100083

Address: Beijing Forestry University, School of Landscape Architecture 35, Qinghua East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100083, PRC



电话:010-62330809 / 13911566325



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